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The backgrounds of creatures 2 are abundantly detailed, with little touches which are strictly unnecessary, but which add to the delight of playing the game. There are waterfalls and fire that look incredibly realistic. There is a beautiful mountain range in the distance behind the waterfall. Clouds move in the sky, fish swim in the sea and butterflies flit through the environment.
The backgrounds are made up of realistic earthy colours, with lots of different shades of brown, orange and grey. The trees are beautifully drawn and have a good variety of colour in the leaves. There is a tree house and a rope bridge across the waterfall. The rocks look quarried and rugged. The lava in the volcano glows brightly, but the creatures get bone deterioration due to the radiation levels if they linger there. The whole game is eye level, this makes it possible to look at different ground levels at the same time.

The weather conditions, and environment temperature, change depending on the season in the game.There are thunder and lightning storms in which your creature can get electrocuted, showing its skeleton but not killing it. If you use the injector tool to inject Grendal frost, harmless little blue Grendals will appear and make it snow. If the Norns get too cold they shiver and make cute cold noises.

The Norns look cute and fluffy and Grendals look evil and scaly.
Norns come in 3 different types the Hebe(brown), Pixie(fluffy hair) and Emerald(green).They have large ears and appealing huge eyes. Norns.

Grendals are Scaly, green and have red snake like eyes.

Ettins are white with red eyes.


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