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Core Dynamics

There are no different levels to aspire to in this game, but the continuing challenge is to keep your Norns safe and encourage them to breed to ensure there are enough baby Norns growing up to carry on the game.
If a Norn touches or moves its egg (they often slap the egg!?) it will not hatch so it needs to be taken to the incubator. It is necessary to be vigilant to avoid catastrophe. Some times Norns are prone to step off cliffs in to the sea where they continue to explore but drown, unless they are quickly rescued.
Adopting newly hatched baby Norns, registering their births and taking photos of them, helps engage the player in the game.

When you have the science kit you can inject creatures with liquid food (if they are too stupid to eat) or give them a sleeping draught to make them sleepy, or Diliberum to bring them back to consciousness when they are dying. (Shown by stars around their head) Mostly this makes you want to carry on playing to look after them, but after a while they can get annoying always being so foolish.


“”One Hour Stupidity Syndrome was the name given to a common flaw due to errors in the design of the original release version of the Creatures 2 Norns. The result was that after about an hour of play, the brain of the afflicted Creatures would appear to turn to mush. They would begin to wallbonk and forget important things like how to eat and sleep.
According to Lis Morris, the root cause of OHSS was an imbalance of brain chemicals – specifically, the reward and punishment chemicals. Too much of these chemicals were being generated by the norn’s actions and building up in the brain – the net effect being that the brain was being rewarded all the time, whether or not it was doing something “right”. This made it hard for the norn to learn what to do with an object – as she said:

since decisions were being rewarded more or less randomly, any decision was valid in any situation

Meanwhile, Chris Double concentrated on finding a better way of focusing the norn’s attention on things that mattered. Initially the norn had no way of deciding what to look at based on what it really needed – it could not ignore a bouncing ball or disregard what the hand was saying in order to go eat a piece of cheese.

Lis and Chris subsequently worked together to find a solution to these problems, ending up with the Canny Norns. Their work was also included in the Boney Grendels. “”

These new improved Norns can be downloaded.

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