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Norns (Creatures) Grendals and Ettins were all created by the Shee.
Grendals are the natural enemy of the creatures, although sometimes they befriend them, even mating with them to produce mutants. They have deeper voices than the creatures,and carry diseases that are harmful to the creatures.
Ettins are industrious, and friendly to the creatures.
At first you cannot follow the Grendals or the Ettins, your creatures have to collect an “implement” (A floating circle with a picture of a Grendal and an Ettin) before you can take proper care of them or name them.

There are a variety of other animals that your creatures can interact with: dog, rabbit, bees, ants (Bees sting or ants bite your creatures, causing them to cry a heartfelt “OWW!”)
The environment is filled with the different machines left behind by the Shee. Creatures move between the levels using lift mechanisms, the creatures also use boats and a submarine to get from one island to another. When your creatures reach the right areas, you can turn on some of the machines and use them on your creatures. For example, the Gene Splicer which uses the DNA from two creatures to make them into a new creature you cannot separate them again.

Creatures eat carrots, cheese, tomatoes, honey,and various other fruits.
Before your Norns die, stars circle above their head and the Norn looks like it is sleeping. You only have a short time when this happens to revive them from whatever ailment they have. If you do not succeed in reviving them they die, the stars disappear and sad funeral music starts to play. The creature then floats into the sky. You can put a photo of the deceased creature and a message on their gravestone.


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