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Creatures 2 is a single player game. You start the game by hatching out a creature egg. You are supplied with 6 eggs and (unlike the first creatures game) when all 6 creatures die you are supplied with more. After the egg hatches out you can name it and take a photo for its birth certificate. They communicate using a variety of cute little noises. You move around the creatures world using scrolling bars to move up, down, left and right. You can only move as far as the creatures have explored.

Creatures can be slapped, or tickled, to punish or reward them. You can teach them to understand simple commands, and they can respond with some basic language in the form of written words in a speech bubble.
The main aim of the game is to keep the creatures alive and to breed them. You continue to follow through the next generations. Each creature has its individual personality, so sometimes you can get emotionally attached to a creature which can be upsetting if it dies. You can collect the Science Kit with which you can diagnose illnesses and administer medicines.

Creatures 2 can be quite challenging. When you have several creatures in different places, it is harder to keep tabs on them, to rescue creatures from harm. Even when the creatures have become adults they still have no common sense or survival instinct, so they often walk straight in to the sea and drown. Although Creatures 2 is a life simulation game, if you do not give the creatures a push every now and again they would stay in the same area all the time.


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